Yet another hosting company I have never heard of until I had a client provided me with their information.  & yet another hosting company that seriously needs help.I have no clue who runs their live chat or where they find the people who are on live chat, but they seriously need to know about the products they are helping with.  If you work for a company and you are support know your product, you don’t need to know it a 100% just know it.  On top of that if you don’t know the answer you should forward the person who does know.

Let me just start with I don’t think the person knew what FTP was and I know they didn’t know what FileZilla was.  I started my chat off stating I was trying to upload files for the new WordPress & I was receiving the error “Critical Error”.  I could take files down, but I could not put any files up or even create a folder.  The first thing the person sends me is the FTP information.  I tell them I am already logged in and I’m trying to put files up and I keep getting “Critical Error”.  The person then decides to ask me “What error are you receiving”.  Again, calmly I am tell the person I keep receiving the error “Critical Error”.  The person then tells me I need to turn my firewall, it is perfectly safe & just upload them then.  I shouldn’t have to turn off my firewall to upload files.  I tell them that & the person then puts me on hold for about 15 minutes.  Apparently they don’t know what to do or understand that I keep getting a “Critical Error”, so they have me email them a screenshot of the error and give me a ticket number.  This was around 10-10:30am, on April 21st.  They told me it would take 12-24 hours, but they would escalate the issue.  They then tell me that I can check my ticket status at  So I keep going in and checking the ticket and it just keeps saying “Open”.  So each time I jump on live chat, waiting 5-20 minutes for someone to answer.  Each time I get, we know this is important to you and we have escalated your ticket, we are working on it ASAP.

Oh did I tell everyone I’ve been working with iPower since Friday morning to get this site live?   The more and more I deal with hosting companies the more I see that GoDaddy is seriously not that bad & it even just furthers my love for HostGator.

My recommendation if you are looking for a hosting company, don’t just look for the cheap price.  Also look for what you’ll be getting for your money & the support you will be getting when there is an issue.  Every time I have ever had an issue with HostGator, BlueHost, GoDaddy I have had amazing customer service, with great support.  The thing I don’t like about GoDaddy support is they have no live chat, I actually have to get on the phone.  Also, when they make a mistake they don’t only fix it they also give you a free month or some kind of compensation for the issues.

Seriously, if you are looking for hosting, DO NOT go with iPower.  Also, don’t forget don’t go with the worst hosting company ever Yahoo (read more).