Since we’ve moved to Utah we’ve wanted to try Johnny Rockets, a restaurant right down the road from us.

Well Sunday was finally the day to try it, I was so disappointed!!

Everyone back home said it was so good & a definitely try.

Let us start with there were two party’s ahead of us waiting, when the restaurant was half empty. They didn’t have a hostess & the waiting area was very small, we were waiting in the doorway & it was raining outside.

When someone finally seated everyone with me is we looked thru. Nothing on the menu really stood out, it kind of reminded me of a smaller version of Red Robbin. A three page menu, one page of mostly burgers with appetizers, some chicken with other stuff & the back kids menu and drink.

At Johnny Rockets they doesn’t order your drinks first, they give you awhile & then you order everything together. I ended up getting cheese fries, grilled cheese with coffee & water.

So let’s start with the cheese fries were shown with a liquid cheese. My fries came with a slice of cheddar melted over top, most of fries didn’t even have cheese. If I would have know that I would have never ordered them. My grilled cheese, eh definitely not worth it. By the wording it was to be four slices of the listed cheeses. First off it was just cheddar & it only had two slices. Also, the waiter never asked me what kind of cheese I wanted off of the list. My coffee however was very good, a dark roast. They also used crushed ice in drinks, so that was a plus. James had said his burger was very dry. The burgers definitely looked tiny, dry & looked like they have been frozen for awhile.

The restaurant was clean & our waiter he was very nice. The only thing was my mother-in-laws drink ran low & she had to ask for a drink. The restaurant wasn’t that full, so I feel like he should have been on top of that.

All & all not the best experience, won’t be going back. I felt like a family owned dinner could have done A LOT better.