The other week when Lynne & I were out doing to errands in American Fork we decided to stop at Melty Way for a quick lunch.

I’ve been trying to eat their for SO long!! I’m happy I went, by far the most amazing grilled cheese I’ve ever had, not counting my amazing creation at the White Rose of their amazing grilled cheese with their amazing crab dip on top!!

You start out by picking your bread, then your style of grilled cheese & then of you want to make it some kind of combo.

I decided to get whole wheat bread, the Italian with Parmesan cheese on my crust (49¢ extra) with a sprite & soup.

The bread is a thick toast, standard wheat, but the Parmesan made it taste way better!! Such a great idea that I never thought off, definitely need to start doing that at home. My Italian was amazing!! Fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil pesto, and a dash of salt & pepper. I love pesto, yet again never thought of having it on a grilled cheese!! My soup, well it was just soup , nothing special. But my sandwich was amazing!! By the way they are made to order, fresh & made right in front of you on a panini grill.

They also have a point system where you can enter your phone number & continue to get points. You then could end up getting a free meal.

The restaurant was very clean, kinda had a Chipotle industrial feel with the chairs, lights & the brick wall. The staff was very friendly, suggested grilled cheeses & brought us our food.

Also, if you use FourSquare you get a free cookie, nothing amazing just a small silver dollar sized cookie.

I am a little sad that the restaurant only has three locations in Utah & no where else. When we finally move back to PA there won’t be one around.

I would definitely recommend this place, we will be going back & I definitely want to try the Jalapeño Popper.