I’m a little confused by this new religious law that states you don’t have to serve gays & lesbians.

So from my understanding this “law” states that restaurants & Buisness do not have to serve gays.

Correct me if I’m wrong. What I get from this is you can just look at someone and say “You are gay I don’t need to serve you” or is it “Are you gay, oh no I don’t want to serve you”.

I feel as though either way this is going to cause more issues, like lawsuits. You can be completely racist and say oh I thought he was gay I refused service. Or you can just be rude and not feel like serving someone and say they are gay. What if they aren’t? They are wrongly accusing someone. What will gays & lesbians have to carry cards around & register they are gay?!

This is 2014, this isn’t the 1940s!! No ones sexual orientation or color should matter. I’m pretty sure someone sitting in a restaurant or walking down the grocery store isle is not going to effect you.

And for that matter how many gays & lesbians say they are straight because they are to scared to come out and say who they really are? Are you going to ban them too??

People need to stop being so judgmental and rude!! Let people live their lives, they are not nagging you!!