Half birthdays, my second favorite day of the year.

This years half birthday was totally different & completely amazing.

Last year I had a big party at my favorite restaurant the White Rose. I had my favorite meal, a White Rose Burger with a Green Evil Monkey. I had all my friends there and we enjoyed the crazy night and ended at Stoggies. I even got an amazing Tardis Cupcake Cake from James. My favorite flavor of cake, LEMON!!

But this year, this year was great. I enjoyed the day with my little family. Even though we had to go to the eye doctor for Zoie-Lynne & dentist for James & I, I still got to spend time with them. We also enjoyed ice cream 🙂 The most amazing part of my day, giving my daughter her first bath (More on her bath click here).

It doesn’t seem better, but to me it was a perfect day. To end a perfect day, Snuggling in bed with my favorite two people watching Downton Abbey.