Making the decision to take the responsibility to raise another persons child is brave & very respectful.

To bring a child into your home you & raise them as your own is something that can be completely scary. But to take the child and actually give them a home they need that’s love & compassion.

Many people make the decision to do this & are turned away. They have the love & helpfulness a child needs. Everyday how many child sit with no parents, one parent and/or abusive parents? But you deny some the right to raise a child because they are single, gay or have the money to raise a child just not thousands of dollars up front?! I feel like there is something flawed there.

There are hundreds of children who need homes. Home with people who can provide exactly what they need & are willing to take them in, but are denied because they don’t have a couple thousand dollars. But when a child/human is sold other then adoption we say it’s inhuman because people shouldn’t be sold. Kind of a double standard there. Yes people need to prove they can raise a child on the salary they earn, but then is that fair either? How many children are born everyday in just this country to parents who cannot afford them? Who already have four or five children? They live off the government, should we also deny them the right to have a child? Tell them no & take their child?

It really upsets me, I know many people & couples who want to raise a child. But can’t have children, they would be amazing parent(s). For some reason are unable. They are told no to adopting children because they can’t upfront money, are single or their sexual orientation. As they sit and watch people have many children on the governments tax dollars we all pay. Let’s leave these children in unwanted homes, abusive homes, broke homes, all because they can have children.

No I’m not saying just give children away or just take other peoples children. What I’m saying is I feel like the whole system is broken & needs to be reorganized. Help those who can’t have children & stop those who keep having children who shouldn’t.

Yes I’m having a child of my own, but just one child. My hope is that when she is older I will have the chance to adopt a child, to give them a better life. I’m a firm believer in adoption, these are human beings who also need love & support. Why not help where we can?