For a project I was working on for a client I needed an accordion navigation that needed custom icons for each LI, so I wanted to find a plugin.I researched plugins and found Nextend & before we bought the plugin I did the normal thing and emailed them specifically asking them if I could add in specific icons.   The email also stated that I was working in WordPress.   I received an email back saying that yes they did.  So we went ahead and purchased the plugin.

Buy the plugin & then try and install it.  I tried uploading the plugin thru FTP and then a zip folder nothing, just kept getting errors.  Had our IT guy try and help out errors, so I contact the company.  After receiving the run around for about two days, they decided to install the plugin.  I receive an email back “I installed the plugin, let me know if it works, it might be the wrong one, it might be the Joomla plugin”.  What kind of customer service is that??   I gave you WordPress information, provided you with a WordPress login, we’ve talked about being in WordPress , how do you think you’ve maybe installed the Joomla plugin?!

Then I mess with the plugin for about a day or two, trying to figure out how to add the custom icons.  I went to their site to try and find a fix, couldn’t find anything for WordPress.  After dealing with their customer service I didn’t really want to email them again, but I’m getting close to being finished with the site this really is the last thing I need to do.  So I went ahead and emailed them, waiting for a response & then I finally receive one back.  Remember how I said I emailed them specifically asking if you could add in custom icons with WordPress?  I receive an email back telling me that I can’t do that in WordPress, from the same person I could!!

I feel like that is horrible training on their companies end, don’t tell customers your plugin can do something that it can’t.  What do you work on commission?  I requested my money back, we will see how that goes.

From my experience I would NEVER EVER buy another plugin or anything else they sell.  I would recommend just building a custom navigation and hopefully it is in your budget.  That looks like what I’m going to have to do.  I like how I wasted so much of my clients time on this plugin.