A family is a set of people who love & care for each other, you do not always have to be blood.

A set(s) of parents are individual(s) who take care & nurture a child. They stay up with a child when they are sick, provide for their needs, love them & are there when they need them. This could be a single parent, two parents of the same or opposite sex, step parents, adoptive parents, parents who are married, divorced unmarried,or a mixture of all. It does no matter as long as the child is well taken care of.

A child in a loving happy home & safe is what matters. No one has the right to tell you that you are a horrible parent because you aren’t married, you have the same sex partner, you decided to get a divorce or you are just a single parent. As long as your trying & loving the child(ren) as much as you can it’s no ones buisness.

Also, just because someone adopted a child or has a step-child does not mean they do not love that child as their own. It doesn’t matter how this situation came to be or if they chose the situation. They stayed up with them at night when they cried, provided for them & had a part in their lives, they are just as much a parent then a blood parent. Being rude and telling them they don’t have rights or they don’t understand what it’s like to be a real parent is completely uncalled for. It is none of your buisness, that child is not yours, keep your nose out of it!

This is 2013, soon 2014, there are many different types of families out there. If you don’t agree with them then don’t join them, but leave them alone. They are happy, loving & content which is all that matters. Don’t ruin their happiness because you are unhappy.