I never really thought that people were genially really rude or hateful.  I always thought that people were always nice.  I feel like I’m a very nice and friendly person, if you say hi or talk to me I’ll talk to you.  I have no issues with anyone, even if you do something bad to me, I’m usually very forgiving.  Then I moved to Utah and that completely changed, I have lost all faith that humans are kind, nice and giving.

Everyone I have met from Utah, not counting those who are transplants like myself, are completely RUDE, self-centered and feel like the world owes them something.  There is no reason for anyone to be so rude as the people I have met.  They feel entitled to everything, like the world owes them something and that they are so much better then you.  Most, not all, hide behind their Mormon religion.  Which if you read the Bible you will know that God loves all, we are all one in his eyes.  No I’m not a religious person, but last time I checked if you are religious you also know that the only person who can judge is God.  So no you cannot hide behind your religion and justify that you can be rude to anyone.

Since we’ve lived here we have had so many people walk into us, jump in line in front of us, make rude comments and give us horrible stares.  By what I have observed manners are not a thing in Utah, they were never taught how to use the words “Please”, “Excuse Me” or even “I’m Sorry”.  No, they don’t have to use them, they are better then you.  Which I do not feel comfortable with, you are no better then anyone else.

Also, just because I am an Asian women you do not have the right to treat me like I don’t matter.  Just because I am Asian does not give you the right to make racist comments, this is 2013, this is not the not 40s.  I’m so sick of being treated like I’m not a human being since I’ve been here, just because I’m Asian.  Oh and on top of that I’m a women, so that automatically demotes me in the world, since apparently we are in the 60s and women don’t have rights in Utah.

For a set of people who have been persecuted for years, you think they would not persecute other people, but try and rise above what they have been thru, not treat everyone like they don’t matter.

Unless you are  a White, Mormon, Male who has no manners and thinks the whole world owes him don’t move to Utah.  I cannot wait to move away from here, I refuse to have my daughter grow up in a state where people aren’t treated equal, where jobs single you out, where people think you are less than nothing because you aren’t just like them.  I refuse to conform to their horrible ways.  I believe that one day that I will make it back to PA where people will not treat me like a complete outcast and I will actually be surrounded by kind and nice people.


My hope is that I will regain my faith in humanity, but the people of Utah have seriously opened my eyes to how nasty and horrible people really can be.