Okay, so we wake up this morning with a bit of snow.  Not even more then a couple inches, but do you think Utah prepared for any kind of snow at all??

Last night we had seen no salt trucks, no one was out spraying calcium for the snow nothing.  This morning on the we way to work, yes I live a couple minutes away, but there were no tucks, no salt on the road nothing.  The slush on the road was kinda crappy, but seriously not that bad.  But apparently people of Utah have never EVER seen snow.  Seriously I need to take a picture of how much snow we got, it’s not like PA where we get about a foot of snow.  No these people are ridiculous!!

Oh my favorite, people are driving around with snow covered cars, the snow is flying off their cars, but no cops are pulling them over.  Apparently there is no law in Utah that says you have to clean off your car for safe travels, so you know it doesn’t blow back and blind someone.

If you know it is going to snow prepare for it to snow, don’t just let it go. Especially when you live in a state where people have apparently never seen snow & like to cause accidents.

Yet another reason I can’t wait to move back to PA, I seriously dislike this state and the people who live here.