I seriously dislike Comcast internet service.  What is the point of paying for internet when it never works half the time?!

When we had Comcast back in PA we never had issues with our internet being so slow and out all the time.  You can only have one device on the internet at a time, if you have more then that you have the worlds slowest internet.  I thought they were to be the Slowskys!!  We can’t even watch Netfilx, every time we watch an episode of something it has to buffer at least three or four times.

Then you call and complain and they tell you it’s your router or your modem, so you replace them and it still happens.  Then they tell you oh you need to upgrade and pay us another $40.  It is 2013 I should be able to watch something on Netflix without it having to buffer so many times.

Luckily I have unlimited internet on my iPhone with AT&T, because I can’t even use WiFi at my house!!  It always goes out, nothing loads & if I even attempt to play Pandora while connected to WiFi I’m lucky if I get 10 seconds into a song with out it giving me an error!!  The joy of paying for internet that DOSEN’T WORK.

The worst part we can’t even get anything else!!  I’ve tried to get Verizon Fios or U-Verse, but we can’t even get them they are not offered in our area.  We can always get dialup, YEAAAAA, 2013 and get dialup.  Well played Comcast for being the only internet provider in the area & on top of that the WORST internet provider!!