I go to work for 40 hours a week, before I get my paycheck I pay my insurance and my taxes.  

I’m okay with the government helping those in need.  I’m okay with people who have lost their jobs to receive welfare and/or food stamps.  The point of government assistance was  to help those in need.  But the problem is people who actually need to help are not getting the help, they are turned away.  If a parent or parents are working and actually trying to raise their child(ren) the best they can things happen & that is when the government assistance is to be there to help.

But instead that is not how it works.  Instead there are people who have no jobs living off of the government, using tax payer dollars to buy things that they are not meant for.  No I’m not okay that you sit at home, were irresponsible had multiple children to multiple men/women and collect government money.  It’s not okay that you collect welfare checks, food stamps & child support to buy iPhones, louis vuitton purses while your child needs clothes, new shoes and food.  That is not okay.  The sad part is I actually know people like this, which makes me even more mad.

I’m also upset that I pay for my insurance so that when I’m sick I only have to pay a $25 co-pay, when I have to go to the ER I only have to pay $250.  I’m upset that when I have my child the price tag will cost between $18-28,000 (CNN Article) and my insurance will only cover 30% of that.  Yes I’ll be able to be put on a payment plan.  But as I watch many people have four or five children, to different people, who did not actually plan on them will get to have their child for FREE.

I’m just really annoyed, James & I planned for Zoie-Lynne.  I didn’t get pregnant in high school or college, I took birth control.  We both waited until we both had stable jobs that paid well, even with bills.  We talked about having a child and made sure it was right.  After we have Zoie-Lynne I will be going back on birth control, because we cannot afford another child.  We are going to be responsible.

Why is it that people who actually plan and want to work hard and do the right thing are the ones who get screwed over.