The more time I spend away from home, the more I realize how I miss it.

I took for granted not only the big things, but the small things. The more I’m in Utah the more I realize that & with the holiday season it’s making it very clear how much I miss home.

While people back home are prepping for thanksgiving, spending time with family & enjoying or not enjoying the snow storm, we are here hundreds of miles away reading or receiving texts or calls about their fun. I see the pictures & I realize I could have been there, but I made a foolish decision to take a job halfway across the country, that wasn’t even that great.

I miss being able to call a friend and just spend time together. No matter if it was to go out or hangout inside. I also miss the connivence of Sheetz & Rutters. Oh I want food at 2am, actual made to order food, just stop by there.

Just the tiny things, small, but I miss it. If there was ever a chance to find a good job & move home I think I would.

But, we’ll have to wait and see. I just breathe and try to make the best out of the horrible situation I brought upon myself.