My Mandarin Kitchen Foam soap stop foaming, it still works. I emailed them just to ask why.

My email just asked why the soap stopped foaming, I didn’t complain and I stated that it still worked. I’m okay with the soap just being soap & not foam.

Today I receive an email back, telling me that they were sorry the product didn’t meet my expectations & asked for my address for a $15 gift card.

I never said the product didn’t meet my expectations. It met them just fine, it just randomly just stop foaming. My other kitchen soap still foams. It was just a general question.

I’m more upset they threw a gift card at me & didn’t answer my question. A free gift card is nice, but does that solve my question no. I feel like we live in a world where companies just throw money at things instead of actually solving issues.

I would understand if I complained and said I had ten bottles that the soap didn’t work and it didn’t foam. But I didn’t, my soap still works it just doesn’t foam.

Just a thought to companies, before you throw money at situations maybe answer the question & not send generated emails.