I already have a Google account, so that means I already have a Google Wallet, but what is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is pretty much like PayPal.  You can link your credit card/bank card to the account and buy items online safely.  You can also go to stores and use your Google Wallet, just a safe way to spend your money.

You can order a Google Wallet Card, so that you can use it as a bank/credit card anywhere Master Card is accepted.  So it’s like a bank card.  You have to order your card, after you setup your account.  To do that login, on the left side click “Wallet Card and app” and then request the card.  It does take 10-12 business days.

You can link your credit/bank cards to the account and also people can send you money.  So if your child is going off to college and needs money just send them money on their Google Wallet.  All they need is a Google account.  So if you’d like to send me money you would just send it to tiffsetzler@gmail.com.  It’s as simple as that.  They can then take their card to an ATM and actually take the money out, if they need cash.

There are also store loyalty programs, so you don’t have to carry around those plastic cards with you.  You just plugin in the card number and it’s always there with your Google Wallet.

Also, Google Wallet gives you special offers to places around your area.  There is also a Google Wallet loyalty program, when you use your Google Wallet you get specific items for free or bonus points, just like with your credit card.

Check out Google Wallet, for more information click here.  To download the app on the on the Google Play (click here) or App Store (click here).