So what are everyones plans for Thanksgiving?

This year for Thanksgiving, since we are so far away from home (insert sad face), we planned a fun filled day together.

We are going to start off with a yummy french toast & egg breakfast, while watch the Macy’s Day Parade. We will then be heading out to lunch  to our local sushi restaurant Wasabi Sushi.  Then we are going to put up the Christmas tree and decorate our house for the holidays.  Then later on that day we will Skype with James family to say hi.  Then lots of TV to end our day together.  Then James has to go into work at 2:30am, so we will probably go to bed a bit early, so that he can stay up all night for GameStop Black Friday.

I’ll be interested in hearing what everyone else will be doing for the 2013 Thanksgiving.