I’ve updated my portfolio site, added new social media and updated some old social media.

Take a look at my new portfolio site, it’s simple & basic. Please let me know what you think of the new site, TSetzlerDesigns.com.  I have to add my graphic design work in there, I just haven’t had the chance.

I have also updated some social media.  I now have finally made a Google+ and actually put information on the account.  So don’t forget to add me there, I also have this blog linked to that account.

I have two twitter accounts, you can follow me on my personal account @YourMomEatsMayo or you can follow me on my developer account @TSetzlerDesigns.  My developer account is all things web related, from code to design.  Check it out, it’s pretty informative.

Check out my professional Facebook page, I have some design work and I post developer information up there.

Pinterest, the place where we electronically hoard.  You can either follow me on Pinterest or you can just follow my Web Things or WordPress.  I have 54 boards, I like to Pin.

Professionally connect with me on LinkedIN.  A place you can check all my credentials, see my skills & even check out my recommendations.

Last but not least, check me out on Etsy.  Posters, invitations, announcements, etc.  You can also email me and let me know if you are interested in in something personally designed & we can talk out a price.

Remember you can always just shoot me an email at tiff_setzler@yahoo.com, send me a message on Google Hangout or even send me a message on my Contact Page on my website TSetzlerDesigns.com/contact.  I’m always up for networking.