It’s 2013, when Buisness & vendors tell me they don’t take bank/credit card I am astounded.

Seriously you want to sell products in the digital age, but you can’t accept a bank/credit card?! To me there is no reason for that. Especially during the holiday season.

I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies this year, I could only buy them from a stand at the mall because the mom had a Square. A smart mom, her stand was flooded every time I went to the mall.

If you want to make sales get a card reader!! Make your life easier. Order a free Square or PayPal Here!!

Squares are easy to signup for, easy to use & link directly to your checking or Buisness account. I have one, for when I sell designs to people. Yea they take 2.75%, but adjust your prices. I know I’m more then willing for someone to adjust their price by 2.75% of they take cards!!

If charities collecting money at stores, who just want $1 or $5 for a donation I’d be willing to give them the donation if they took bank/credit cards.

When I go to art shows, farmers markets or vendors at the mall I’m willing to buy something if they took credit card. The other day this stand at the mall was selling chocolates, they had English toffee (which in Utah is very hard to come by for some reason), I was so excited to get some & guess what, they took bank/credit cards. They were pretty busy, unlike the stand down to them, that did not take bank/credit card, also selling chocolates.

Also, it makes Buisness like more easier!! You don’t have to go to the bank & deposit checks or cash. You don’t have paper receipts. No the money goes directly into your account with a square or Into your PayPal account (depending on the reader). You send the customer an electronic copy & you get one also. All very easy & simple.

I just can’t find any excuse in 2013, we live in the digital age!! If you can’t get with the times don’t have a Buisness. Soon the people who only use cash are going to die out.