Do you have files, images, videos, etc that you want to share with other people or just want to be able to access anywhere. Sometimes files are way to large to send thru email and you really want to share them, but you don’t want to put them on Facebook. Also, I know for me I always lose my flash drive and I hate carrying around my external hard drive.

You should try using Drop Box, they have a free version where you start with 2 GB and can work up to getting 16GB. For me sometimes I need files from clients and I like sharing things I’ve created with other people, but can’t send the files thru email.

If you are someone who does Freelance this is a pretty sweet deal for you, it’s a great way to share files with clients. If you have children and you live far away you can take pictures and share them with family and not post them for everyone else to see.

So check out Drop Box, if you don’t like it or use it you don’t spend anything it’s free. If you want more space they have different plans, pay for what you need. Check them out, click here.