The past couple days my iPhone has been iffy with charging & then yesterday it pretty much stopped charging.

I’d plug it into to charge it and I’d get the noise it was charging maybe four or five times, it was really annoying. Finally then the little thunderbolt would show up & it would say it was charging. But then it wouldn’t charge at all. I tried multiple chargers, Apple certified and not, I tried multiple wall chargers and even plugging it into my MacBook Pro. Same result every single time.

Yesterday I did the live chat with Apple Support & we did some troubleshooting with the iPhone. One of the last things they had me do was turn the iPhone off, hold the home button in, while holding the home button in plug the cord in and keep holding it until the iTunes logo showed up. Every time I’d do that I wouldn’t even get to iTunes logo, it would go straight to the home screen. So they set me up with an appointment with the Apple Guinness Bar for today at 4:50 pm.

Went to my appointment today at the Fashion Place Mall, it was SUPER crowded. I ended up not being helped until 5:30, which was fine I got to browse the store and spend time with James. The iPhone ended up dying right before we went up to be helped. He plugged the iPhone in and it would do the same thing, it would charge for a bit and then stop, charge and then stop. Luckily the iPhone is still under warranty, so I received a new iPhone 5 (well refurbished). On top of that my iPhone cord was a little worn down, so they gave me another cord. The guy was very friendly and helpful.

I brought my MacBook Pro with me, so luckily earlier in the day I was able to wirelessly back up my iPhone. So on the way home I restored my iPhone form the back up from this afternoon. So I lost nothing, which is AWESOME 😀

AH the love I have for Apple Products.