We moved into our townhouse at Liberty Hill about the end of March, so that means we’ve lived here about eight months. In those eight months our dishwasher has barley worked.

Since we’ve lived here we’ve put in 7 work orders, had to call the emergency line because it was backed up & we have put another call for them to look at it today. That will make a total of 9 times they’ve had to look at this dishwasher.

The thing has half worked since we’ve moved in, dishes needing to be washed two or three times. Now it’s to the point we have to wash our dishes, it just doesn’t get them clean.

We thought at first it was the dishwashing detergent we were using, so we switched & nothing. I thought it was clogged so I dumped baking soda, vinegar & hot water down the thing, nothing. I’ve taken the basket off, they’ve taken it off to take food out.

We scrub all food off now before we even put them in the dishwasher. Which I’ve never had to do before, you should just be able to put them in. The dishes still come out with specks of food particles that look like sand.

We also noticed a white film all over our dishes. I looked it up it meant hard water problems. We’ve always used Jet Dry & we always fill it. Somehow our our dishwasher went thru 3 bottles of Jet Dry in two days, according to the maintenance people it was full. I guess the Jet Dry ferries come and steal it.

They told us we couldn’t use our garbage disposal, so we stopped. Which I feel like is completely uncalled for, since you know we pay to have it. Then they find out it’s been broken the whole time we’ve lived here!!

So in 8 months we’ve gone to a half ass dishwasher to a dishwasher that just rinsed dishes to now a storage unit for dirty dishes.

The reason we moved to this townhouse was because it had a dishwasher & washer dryer. We were okay paying the extra couple hundred dollars compared to the other apartment complexes that didn’t have the dishwasher & washer and dryer. We no realize it really wasn’t worth it. Especially since we have to wash our dishes by hand. We pay the extra money for it to work & the stuff doesn’t. March seriously cannot come soon enough.