Since we have moved to Utah we have had nothing but issues with our Comcast Internet.

Lets start with the fact when we first moved into our apartment and the guys came to put our internet in. When you walk thru our front door you can go left to the garage or you have to go up five steps to a landing and then down five steps into the den, where the internet has to be hooked up. The guy started compiling about how he had to go up and down the steps to the room to his van. On top of his complaining neither guys had boot covers on like the commercial. Which I don’t care if they wore them, but don’t advertise that you wear them in every house if you don’t. Oh and you know how they give you that great 3 hour span of time, so they can show up whenever they want, yea they showed up 5 minutes before the 3 hours was over. Yeaaaaaa Comcast for being on time!! Then they give us our paperwork & slam our door. We leave because we wanted to get something to eat. You think that when they come to setup your internet it would work, correct?? Well we get back & it doesn’t work, so we had to call Comcast. Here he never called Comcast to activate the account. So after two hours sitting & fighting with Comcast over the phone they finally figured that out.

Lets see we moved in here the end of March, so that is 8 months we have lived here. In that 8 months our internet goes out on average 10-15 times a day from anywhere 5 minutes – 10 minutes. We have tried different routers and modems and nothing. We have called them countless times and we get the run around that we need new equipment. Then they always try to send someone out, but we have to pay for it.

The best part is they were giving us “Blast Internet”, which we did not signup for, which was to be super fast and our internet was still going out. Did I mention that we didn’t signup for “Blast Internet”, but we were being charged for it, even though it didn’t work.

It’s getting to the point we can’t do anything on the internet, our phone internet is faster then the internet Comcast provides us & that internet doesn’t go out all the time. Today I was so annoyed because I was on chat with Apple to get my iPhone fixed and in the middle of making an apt the internet craps out. Then it comes backup and I log back into chat and as soon as I’m connected with a representative my internet goes out again. So instead of sitting on hold with them for 45 minutes, just to speak with someone I went to live chat & was connect to a representative.

Can I just say in the hour and a half run around the lady gave me I spoke to Apple with two different issues & they fixed my problems and Comcast didn’t even come close to fixing my issue. Comcast take some lessons from the customer service at Apple.

So lets see where to start, she had me do a speed test on the internet, it was fine. She had me give her the Mac ID on the modem, reset our modem for us. Then she tried to get me to accept a tech coming out to look at our modem and wireless router. Of course I said no, because not only have they been billing us for internet we didn’t signup for & making us pay for internet that doesn’t work, but they were going to charge us for the tech if he found nothing wrong. They wanted us to sign up for a service plan that we pay for every month just incase something happens and they have to come out and fix it. I don’t feel like if I pay you a monthly bill, especially when I pay the bill and my service is half ass, I don’t think I should have to pay extra for service issues. Especially since we’ve been telling you about this issue for months. I understand there are somethings that you should have to pay for, re-wiring, adding extra lines, your child ripped the wires out of the wall, yes you should have to pay for things like that. When it is something as simple as sending a tech out to check on something that probably wasn’t hooked up right in the first place, I don’t think I should have to pay for that. Learn customer service skills!!

Finally she said that they would send a tech out to take a look at the issue, with no cost (I kept the conversation, just in case they try and go back on their word). But then apparently they are updating their system, so they couldn’t even schedule an apt, so I had to give her the times that we were available & then they will call us. I feel like they give us nothing but the run around. If Century Link wasn’t just as bad we would have switched a long time ago. We don’t have the option of AT&T U-Verse nor Verison FiOS. So we are pretty much screwed on internet options for now. Yet another reason to move back to PA, so we actually have more then two choices of internet. We will see how it goes when they come, probably won’t fix anything and they will say that their is nothing wrong. Oh the joys of Comcast.