If you make rules, no matter if you are a company, school or a parent you should make everyone follow them. You seriously shouldn’t pick and choose.

One thing that makes me upset is when people pick and choose who has to follow the rules. For instance at some companies they like to pick teams to single out, they are the only ones who have to follow the rules.

If you are going to yell at a team for not wearing a collared shirts, on a “Sports Day” when you were told you could where at tshirt, then maybe you should tell at the many other employees. Also, if you’re going to tell at someone for wearing a hat, yell at everyone for wearing a hat. If you are going to make the rule that you can only wear zip up hoodies then everyone has to follow that rule, not just one team.

Yes life is unfair, everyone has favorites, but you should single out a couple people & everyone else gets away with it. It makes children, workers & students feel like they aren’t part of the organization & why they end up hating being there.

Just a thought, be fair.