I want to say I love detox baths, but really I hate them, I love the feeling after a detox bath!!

A detox bath is a great time for relaxing & cleaning out your skin. The water with the detox mix cleans out the toxins your body has sucked up & then your body sucks up all the minerals from the mix.

Think of your skin as a giant sponge, you have soap, contaminated air, cleaning supplies, sweat, dirt, etc deep in your pores that need to be sweated & rinsed out.

I take a detox bath once a month. Just to get everything out & it’s very nice just sitting in a tub relaxing.

So you’ll need:

  1. Drink 1 bottle of water, before bath
  2. Mix Epsom Salt, Baking Soda & grounds ginger
  3. Turn tub water on & pour in detox combination
  4. Lay in tub for 40 minutes & thru the bath drink the second bottle of water
  5. After 40 minutes rinse off with cold water
  6. Take the rest of the night easy & continue to drink water

Repeat every 30-60 days. Oh, and you’ll sweat a lot your first time!! After that, you’ll sweat a lot, but nowhere near as bad as your first time. Your skin will be cleaned out & with all the water you’ll be hydrated from sweating & you’ll wash out extra toxins inside.

I enjoy reading or Pinteresting during my bath, just relax and enjoy it.