Seriously, quite possibly the worst bank I’ve ever had to deal with!!I’ve had issues with the bank since I opened my checking and savings account with them 5 years ago!  I would get these random fees on my account, where I’d have to call or go into the bank and have them removed.  I would get charges any where from 50¢ – $75, either they’d be random fees or other random charges.  My favorite is I’d go to the bank I opened and they’d tell me the issue was from another bank, they really like to give you the run around.  My favorite is when you call customer support and they’d tell you one thing and then the actual bank would be like no, that is completely wrong.  You are the same company, maybe you all should be on the same page.

Oh my favorite is they have this option, if you don’t have the money in your account they are to decline payment.  Yea that didn’t happen, I’d still receive overdrafts.  What’s the point in signing up for something if it doesn’t work!!  I understand it’s my fault if I overdraft my account and I understand I need to watch it, but if I signup for you to stop me it would be nice if it worked, JUST SAYING.

It seriously 5 years of just bad customer service & a lot of hassle!!  I decided to just keep my account open when I moved to Utah, because I didn’t feel like changing a bunch of stuff over and people could still put money in my account if they needed to.  But I had way to many issues with that so I decided I wanted to close the account, which was the biggest pain!!  I had to write a letter saying that I wanted to close the savings and checking account, then have it notarized and then send it to them.  So I did that and apparently I overdrew my account by $3.50, so I had to have someone to go put $3.50 in my account.  Let me remind you I sent the letter the send week of July and then had someone put the money in my account four days later.  I then received an email on July 24th saying that the account was closed, meaning it wasn’t open anymore, you know CLOSED!!

Okay so between July 24th and October 21st (today) there are 89 days, which would be 2 months and 4 weeks.  I receive a letter in the mail saying my CLOSED account owes $85.  Okay so two things:

  1. How do I owe $85 when the account was closed on July 24th?
  2. Why did it take you 89 days to contact me?!

Oh and my favorite thing, when I go to call they are closed.  They are only open 8am – 5pm EST!!  Maybe if you had an email or maybe if you wouldn’t screw people over!!  I seriously dislike this bank, it has been nothing but a hassle, if you are thinking of a bank, don’t go to M&T, unless you want to pay a bunch of fees and them to randomly charge you for things.