I seriously love Google Drive. I can hide under the covers & make documents and share them with people.

I needed to make a budget & Christmas list for all the people James & I need to buy for this year. Excel seemed to be the best way, put the list of gifts you want to buy, the price & then how much at the end you want to spend. But I don’t feel like getting out of bed & my MacBook is in the other room. But my iPhone was on the nightstand charging. Hello, Google Drive & then I can just access it from my computer later. Pure genius.

This isn’t the first instants this has happened though. Last year in college I had a paper due for my Career Dynamics class & I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to write it, did all the research on my iPhone & it on drive.

My all time favorite, last year at Christmas I had to write a letter for my aunt from Santa for little cousin. I didn’t feel like getting off the couch, I was watching tv, so I wrote it on the couch & just sent it to the printer. The best part they were all going crazy because the printer just started making noise. I’m like you letters done & they all stated at me 😀

Google you have perfected my lazy skills, thank you.