Seriously, I don’t hate winter, I love the snow and how pretty it is. ┬áBut, seriously the inner ear infections, the heating bill, the layers of clothing and the horrible joint pain, makes me dislike winter A LOT.

First off the many layers of clothing I have to wear just to stay warm is a pain in the ass & the that means laundry and that means more money!! Undershirt, long sleeve shirt, actual shirt and then a hoddie and that’s just the top half. Then you have your bottom half, long socks & pants, not to bad, but somedays you have to wear leggings or longjohns just to keep your legs warm. It’s just layer after layer, then you have to take it all off at the end of the day you have to climb into your bed with two comforters because you’re to cheap to turn the heat on.

Which is another thing, you know if the heating bill wasn’t so expansive more people would turn it on and wouldn’t freeze to death every year. Hundreds of elderly people die every year because they don’t have the money to pay their heating bill, so they freeze to death!! What a way to go, sitting in your house frozen like a popsicle with a remote in your hand. Just Saying.

Then it’s windy with a wind chill of -20 degrees out, so you end up with an ear infection!! Even though I wear a hat every time I’m outside, I have already received my first inner ear infection of the year. Even though Utah is much warmer then PA, I still managed to get an ear infection. So that means lots of time wearing a beanie and tons of sweat oil in this girls ears this winter.

Oh and my all time favorite part about winter, joint pain. That awesome rheumatoid arthritis at 23 is so amazing, especially when it’s below 70 degrees outside. It’s fall so we decided to have the windows open, it was about 65 when we went to sleep around 10 and the temperate dropped while we were sleeping. I woke up screaming in pain, my knee locked and I felt like someone was trying to play my muscles like a harp and playing very hard. OH and my favorite part is when you’re holding something and you drop it and you’re hand just cramps up, great times. Or when you are walking and then your joints decided to lock and you fall even better, makes you look like a complete idiot.

Why I seriously dislike winter, if I could stay inside and enjoy winter from the inside and never go anywhere I’d be completely fine with that. But sadly I must leave my house and venture into the crazy season of fall/winter. I am already looking forwards to April, well not really allergy season. Okay I like dislike every season except Summer, it’s warm my joints don’t hurt and my allergies are fine. I’m moving to a place that has no flowers and is 75-90 all year round. I now understand why old people move to Flordia.