I don’t think I’ve ever had such horrible customer service with a company as I have had with Yahoo.

Where should I even start with the many incidents I have had to deal with them. First off my recommendation, PLEASE DON’T host your website thru Yahoo Small Business!!

A client was hosting on Yahoo Small Business & WordPress wouldn’t work & I couldn’t even get to the database. So I call the customer service line to be told the wait time was 45 minutes. I waited 2 hours until someone answered the phone & they hung up on me. I then had to call back and to wait another hour and 45 minutes. What fun, wasting my time. Then I was connected to a lady who worked in technical support who had NO CLUE what WordPress was or how to use it, while she’s trying to troubleshoot my issue. Finally she gave up and forwarded me to another technical support representative, who told me Yahoo Small Business does not support WordPress in the Root folder. They only support WordPress in a blog folder.

So after the run around I was off the phone & then convinced the client to move hosting over to HostGator.

But then the issue of pointing the domain name and not having issues with email. Which then was a huge issue which I then waited 2 and a half hours on hold to be connected to someone. First I was given the run around, hung up on & then told I couldn’t. Finally I was given to someone who knew what they were doing, but had horrible customer service skills. The man burped in my ear, then said “things are complete shit”. I’m not against cussing, but seriously in a customer environment no. And burping in someone’s ear and not at least saying excuse me?! Finally the issue was taken care of & I thought I wouldn’t ever have to deal with them again.

Oh was a wrong!  I had to deal with them yesterday, for an email going down.  Not only did the give me the run around after waiting on hold for an hour, but then I was connected to a HORRIBLE technical support representative.   So we are going thru the steps and he tells me I must put these information into the input box, he tells me and then I repeat the numbers and letters back and he okays, so I hit enter and I get an error.  He rudely tells me that it’s not his problem since he works for Yahoo and not HostGator so the email issue is not his, even though the client wants their email on Yahoo.  Then I tell him I just need this one thing and I repeat back the letters and numbers he has given me and he’s like no you need to add this last piece on, I told him he did not give them to me and under his breath he says “I gave it to you four times”.  Seeing how you have only given me the code once and I repeated it back to you how is it my fault?!   Finally the issue was resolved and my hope is to NEVER have to deal with them ever again.

In the long run DO NOT host your website with Yahoo Small Business.  They have horrible customer service, un-trained workers and their hosting is horrible.  I seriously never thought I’d ever say a company was WORSE then GoDaddy, but they surely take the cake!!