No Seriously I do, it’s one of the most amazing plants ever.

I’ve always had an aloe plant growing up, so when I got one when I got my own apt. When I moved to Utah though it got infested with weird bugs. So it took me awhile to figure that out, more about that later.

Aloe has many different uses!! If you burn yourself, by the stove or something else just pluck some off and rub it all over and it instantly cools and the redness starts disappearing.

Notice you have a zit? Before I go to bed I like to wash my face & then rub a tiny bit of aloe on the zit, gone the next morning.

If you’re like everyone else, but me, you might sunburn. If you do have a large aloe plant you can just take a piece of the plant and rub it all over. Works great!! Helps with the sting & burn.

Now since I’ve moved to Utah our aloe plan was attacked by so many different bugs!! First if you notice that bugs are attacking your aloe plant stop watering from the top, water it from the bowl below. Apparently bugs like the moist soil and that’s why they land there.

If bugs have already started planting then place slices of potatoes on top of the soil. Bugs hate potatoes, so they’ll stay away. But, keep doing of for a couple weeks, because more then likely those bugs laid eggs. The babies love the potatoes so they’ll cling to the potatoes, so change them everyday!! After you finally find that all the babies are gone and nothing else is attacking you’re plant place a light dusting of cinnamon on top. Bugs also don’t like cinnamon.

For me all of this has worked and now my aloe plant is getting back to being nice and green and plump. Also make sure if you continue to water from the top, don’t water it to much, you’re aloe plant will get plant rot and it’s nasty.

If you don’t have an aloe plant, get one, they are amazing!! They are only a couple dollars at Lowes and Home Depot.