If you’re like me & apparently you phone is the most evil thing ever at work, try putting it on Airplane mode.

I don’t really like turning my iPhone off and sometimes I need something off it. All phones have an airplane mode, it’s so you can still play games, just not have any service or internet. You can still have your wifi and your Bluetooth on. For me I turn off wifi also.

This way your phone makes no noises, flashes or anything else crazy & the plus side hopefully you don’t get yelled at for being on your phone.

On the iPhone with iOS 7 just pull up from the bottom and press the airplane, it’s that simple. For any other phone, sorry I don’t know, I do know it will probably be in the settings.

Also, make sure you turn the airplane mode off once your out of the building. Yesterday I didn’t and man my iPhone made 20 sounds in five seconds.

It’s better then silent because you don’t get vibrations or lights going off. Better then off because you can still access games and files on break. Also, it doesn’t take forever to retrieve everything. I’ve been using this method for about a week, it’s been pretty nice so far.

Just make sure you have a backup of communication if you have kids or a significant other. For me if a doctor cannot get ahold of me they call James, just in case. You don’t want to answer an emergency phone call at work, you might get fired. Oh super strict over the top companies.