Looking for a new App on Game Center?!

Check out Pocket Frogs, it’s pretty fun. It’s one of those games you can play every couple of days & not keep checking in.

You basically breed frogs, no really that’s what you do. You get plain frogs, they live in habits you decorate and then you hop around from Lily pad to Lily to make them happy, find gifts or other frogs to breed with. While you hop from lily pad to lily pad you eat flies that make your frog happy, tame them when they are first starting out or turn them into adults quicker to breed them.

You start with plain colored frogs & the fun part of the game is to try and make crazy color combinations of body and cheek color at first. Then as you level up you get different patterns and colors, so you have to try and breed the most rare frogs.

As you go on you accumulate many frogs and you can buy more habitats. You then decorate your habitats and the better decorations you have the happier your frogs are.

When you are hopping thru the pond you find gifts that have decorations, money, potions, stamps and frogs. Potions can make your frogs grow faster, I don’t really use mine, I just wait. Then stamps make your gifts, come in faster. See when you find something they sit in your mailbox and they have a time until they arrive.

You also have missions where you can try an make frogs for gifts or make whole sets to get gifts also.

They have sounds are of a pond full of frogs and a stream. Every time you jump you and land it sounds like the landing of a frog. Also, every time you eat a fly it sounds like a frog eating a fly. The stream in the background is also nice and relaxing. Very peaceful, but sometimes annoying, only downfall to the game, there is no sound setting!! The only way to turn it off, put your iPhone on silent.

Anyway a great game, recommend. You can add friends on Game Center and then you can send each other frogs & gifts. So yea, check out them game on the App Store, Pocket Frogs (a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-frogs/id386644958?mt=8″ target=”blank”>click here).