Yep that’s right, today September 29th is National Coffee Day.

So celebrate with a nice cup of joe. If you have a Starbucks near by (participating Starbucks) they will be giving out a taste of their new Ethiopia coffee, so rush in before they are out!!

Who would have ever thought that a tiny little bean would have tasted so yummy dried out, ground up and hot water added?! Then go on to become over a 10 billion dollar industry.

For now I will be celebrating with a nice cup of Folger’s and will then may venture out of the house for a nice cup of Starbucks.

For some fun coffee facts check out Buzz Feeds 23 Facts About Coffee, The Oatmeal 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee or Readers Digest 10 Weird Facts About Coffee.

Cheers coffee lovers, stay warm 🙂