So yet again our dishwasher is starting to be a pain, but this time it’s my fault.

I completely forgot to fill the Jet Dry dispenser & when I filled it about a month ago it was the last that we had. Like Tiff style I completely forgot to put it on the grocery list. So when I looked up online why my dishes were dirty I slapped myself in the head and realized we were out and I’m not going out, so I turned to the internet for another way.

There are two cheaper and all natural ways instead of using Jet Dry. Plain white vinegar, an ingredient I swear that cleans everything. Then another one I never would have thought to use, hydrogen peroxide. You can mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a couple drops of essential oils if you like. But I don’t have any so I just put in there straight and it works just as good, you just don’t get the really nice smell.

By the way if you are getting cloudy dishes its because you have hard water and it’s causing your dishes to be all nasty.