Seriously do parents no longer make their children do chores? Or do they just let them do whatever they want and then hand them money and give them iPhone?!

While I was in college I couldn’t tell you how many other people my age had never done a load of laundry, cooked for themselves, ran a vacuum, washed a dish, etc. When you asked them how they had made it this far in life they say “my mom did it for me”. So your parents take care of you and then just send you off to college thinking you’ll just learn it there?! Is that seriously what parents think?

You wouldn’t believe how many of them had put dish soap in the dishwasher, thought you could wash clothes with dish soap, ate cereal and ramen the whole time in college. Some of them would get money from their parents to even buy groceries, but they didn’t know how to cook, so they would eat a McDonalds or just eat crap. Then parents wonder why they gained weight and were sick all the time. We lived in townhouses in college, we had a washer, dryer, stoves and dishwashers in our town house, so it wasn’t like we were just thrown into a small room and told to survive.

One of my favorite stories was the one guy I knew had never learned how to do laundry, he always wore dirty clothes, always. One day my other roommate had asked him why he always wore them, his mom never taught him how to use the washer. So my roommate taught him how to use the washer and taught him about laundry soap and how to use the dryer. It was like REALLY?! First off that is horrible parenting, you can’t just throw your kids out expecting them to know how to do things. Secondly there is this thing called the internet, there are all kinds of videos on YouTube so you can learn.

A lot of kids their parents would come by and just pick up their clothes and take them home and wash them and bring them back in a couple days. Food, they’d make food for them and then send it back to college with them to then just heat up in the microwave. That seriously teaches your kids to be independent.

Do parents no longer teach their children how to do things? Do they just think someone else will just teach them? I know I didn’t learn how to wash laundry at school, are they teaching that in school now? Also, if kids aren’t doing chores in school anymore how do they get money or allowance?!

I know as a kid if I didn’t do chores I didn’t get money or things. It’s like going to work, if you don’t go to work you don’t get money or things. Now I see kids running around with iPhones, new clothes and credit cards. You ask them how they got it, they’re like I told my parents I wanted it. SERIOUSLY?! I remember I wanted a computer game one summer, I had to rake grass clippings and clean the garage!! You can’t have stuff if you don’t work for the money.

Am I just getting old and now you just hand your children everything they want?!