About a year ago I was at Wegmans and I picked up a cream soda in a glass bottle. I didn’t think anything of it, I just love cream soda. I instantly fell in love with the soda. The brand was Virgil’s
& every time I’d go to Wegmans I’d grab a one and a pack of soda. I couldn’t find the brand anywhere else, so I didn’t get it that often.

So I moved to Utah and I don’t drink soda, maybe a Sprite when we’re out. But I’ve REALLY been wanting a cola. The problem is every time I drink any kind of cola I get a seriously bad headache and I want to instantly throw up, so I’ve just been putting the craving off.

Then the other day while eating dinner at Whole Foods I walked over to the soda case & start reading the labels and I come across the Virgil’s, I was like nah I don’t want cream soda. Then I see they also make cola and orange soda!! I was so happy I grabbed a bottle and it was gone in minutes.

I did a bit more research on the company to see what other all natural sodas they made. I knew about the Root Beer (which they make a Root Beer Keg), cream soda and now cola & orange soda. The Virgil’s brand is actually made by a company called Reed’s, who actually make my favorite ginger ale.

So, if you’ve been craving soda after switching to a clean eating life style you can try drinking a small amour of Reed’s soda products.

If you can’t get to a Whole Foods or a Wegmans, they do have an online store, Click Here.