When the holiday season comes around and people start asking you what you want for Christmas and you think to yourself, can you pay my bills and buy me socks??

As a kid you wanted every single new toy that hit the market, never did you want clothes or soap or other crap your parents gave you, just toys. I know now that I’m older I am so happy when someone buys me soap or socks, it’s like YES I don’t have to buy it!!

Even better last year for Christmas my cousin gave me the best gift of all, groceries. She took me to the grocery store and said here is your budget go buy food!! It was seriously amazing, I didn’t have to buy groceries for two weeks, it was GREAT!!

Also, socks, something I hated getting as a kid, now I’m like YES!! The most boring gift ever, but I loose so many socks thru the year or they get holes in them and I”m way to cheap to buy them. I love when my parents send me socks!!

Just a thought for the holiday season when your adult friends say what they want for Christmas this year.