Since we moved into our apartment, the end of March, we have had nothing but issues with our dishwasher.

It started out it wouldn’t really get anything completely clean. So on Pinterest I found that you can run the dishwasher on empty with a cup of vinegar on the top level and sprinkle vinegar thru the dishwasher tub. It helped a bit, not much. So we put in a maintenance order, they came by and cleaned out the trap at the top on the door and drained it.

It still didn’t work amazingly, so we tried the vinegar and baking soda thing many more times. Then our dishes started coming out with wired white dry powder and food all over them, but we wouldn’t put dishes in there with food on them. So another maintenance order & they came and put their own cleaner & said it was fixed.

Then our dishwasher completely stopped working Labor Day & the tub was completely full of water. I took the trap off and cleaned it all out. Then I did the natural drain cleaner, you put baking soda in the drain, then pour vinegar and then boiling water and everything will fizz and bam the clogs gone. Well we just got a ton of fizzing and there is a cover over top so you can stick anything down there, luckily the maintenance man was here painting so he came by and there was a cap stuck in our garbage disposal causing the dishwasher to backup.

So then four days ago our swishes started coming out with what looked like sand. It was so odd, so we ran the dishes again thinking it would come off, no it got worse and then green and black stuff followed, also looking like sand. No clue where any of this stuff was coming from. So yet again we put in a maintenance order & they came by while we were at work, here this whole time our dishwasher has been missing a piece that has been causing it not to work correctly.

So we have a super clean dishwasher with new parts that now works!!

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