I’m not really into sports, especially watching them. To have a boyfriend who needs to watch every football game know to man, yea well you get kind of board. Well tonight I looked up & he was watching the Denver Broncos, play I don’t know who, and I ask what font are the numbers on the Broncos jersey, he’s like what. So I found something in football I enjoy.

So I turned to the Internet & found that the Denver Broncos actually have their own font. Which I think is quite cool, I then went on to read a whole article on their Colors and jerseys. Most people would think it’s boring and useless information, I think it’s interesting and I will one day become a better designer.

Speaking of fonts and learning about them, there is a really cool app on the App Store called WhatTheFont. You open the app up, take a picture of the font and then drag a box around the area of font you want to know.

Pretty nice app, I’ve used it a couple time at events and such. Recommend for those of you looking for new fonts.