If you are having any kind of work done, building a house or having a website built, don’t be a jerk to the person building or trying to help you.

No it’s not okay for you to tell someone “I don’t care what you do, do whatever you want” & then complain that’s not what you wanted!!
Then don’t approve the work to start building & then say that isn’t at all what you wanted, even though you’ve approved it three weeks ago!!

Also, remember just like your business your not our only client. So expecting us to have your site designed, built and live in two days isn’t happening. You also own a business, you know that cannot happen.

You know key to having everything finished and nice is communication!! Check your emails, answer your phone!! You know someone’s working for you and trying to get you your product as soon as they can, sometimes things come up or we need something, don’t yell at us because we’ve been asking you for two weeks and you haven’t answered.

Just a thought, be nice to people!! It takes a lot not to scream “Stop being a dick”.

Also, for all you designers out there visit ClientsFromHell.net when you think your client is being a pain, sometimes your client isn’t that bad.