Okay so everyone likes free stuff right?! Well if you don’t you are crazy, because well nothing is ever actually free. Well for your birthday Starbucks gives you a FREE, yes FREE, item off their menu.

First off download the Starbucks App on iTunes or on Google Play.

The app is great because, if you’re like me you are always at Starbucks. So I just pull out my iPhone and have them scan it, because I just reload my Starbucks card with money from my bank account. Which is great because it’s also your loyalty card, after you get so many stars you get free drinks. Then if you get soy milk in your drinks it isn’t an extra charge but free, more reasons to download the Starbucks App.

But anyways, after you registered & all that jazz wait around until your birthday to then receive a FREE item, yep a FREE item and not just a plain item you can customize it and order it in the biggest size. For my birthday (back in July), I got a Java Chip Frappuccino with extra chocolate, soy milk, extra shots, no whipped cream & venti size. It was amazing & even more amazing because it was free, instead of playing almost $9 for the drink.

Yet another reason why I love Starbucks, well beside their lemon pound cake and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Oh and if you haven’t tried their new pretzels, check them out. Man I seriously need to stop going to Starbucks, but anyways download their app, it’s amazing!!