I’m one of those people who actually check-up on the news, mo not entertainment news, but actual news. I get updates thru CNN and I use their app on a daily basis and I follow some news stations on twitter, just to stay up to date. With many issues going on around the world it’s great to stay up to date and then I go to Facebook to see what news my friends are talking about and I get sad.

As todays the Nairobi mall, in Kenya, held many people hostage killing 68 people and injuring 175 people (read more), a Typhoon hits China (read more), issues in Syria or that the death toll has reached over 100 in Mexico due to storms (read more).

No people care more about the Emmys what people are wearing there, Tim Tebow isn’t an NFL player or Miley Cyrus is going crazy. Because all that information is so important, what famous people do with their lives are so important. Not what our governments doing with our money, what crazy things people are doing in other countries which will cause our oil prices to sky rocket, us to go to war or that we will end up sending millions of dollars and soldiers to other countries for relief help. Nope not important, that’s just crap. Who cares, this celebrity is having sex with this one and wearing such nice clothes.

Then those are the people who complain about issues we have here in America, while they sit on their ass watching Jersey Shore with their children who can’t read and are about to graduate high school. If maybe for once in your life you took an interest in something other then reality tv, maybe you would know what is going on in the world and then maybe you’d have the right to complain.