At the age of 23 I still choose to eat Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, cereal and pizza.

It’s not like I’m still a broke college student. Well I kinda am, I’m a broke bill paying American now. But anyways I still enjoy the staples of my childhood. I’ve stepped my game up though, from cheap college student to healthy adult.

I don’t eat 90ยข Mac & Cheese or Kraft Preservatives Mac & Cheese. Nope I like the homemade stuff and when I’m lazy a nice box of Annie’s does the trick. I’ve also found some really good crock pot mac and cheese recipes on Pintrest, so I can just start it in the morning and come home and eat.

I have also learned that PB&J can be more then just plain Jif Peanut Butter & Smuckers Grape Jam. Now that I’m older I get to pick my own peanut butter and my own jelly. I found I really like Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter with, one of my favorite brands, Cascadian Farms Organic Blackberry Fruit Spread all on some honey wheat bread with no crust. Being an adult you can make some pretty amazing PB&J’s you couldn’t make as a kid. I hate grape and strawberry jam, I feel like that’s the only thing they give kids. Now I know I actually like PB&J sandwiches.

One of my all time favorite things about being an adult, I can eat cereal whenever I feel like it. Lazy and don’t feel like cooking, just eat a bowl of cereal. You get your fiber, fruit and your dairy, so I don’t know why parents ever complained about eating cereal for dinner!! Even though I’m 23 I still love marshmallows in my cereal, who doesn’t?! Mom’s Best Cereals makes the most amazing marshmallow cereal Mallow Oats!! The marshmallows have fruits and veggie extract for coloring, so I’m getting my fruits and veggies. Then I have my older people cereal I’d guess you’d say, but it’s good. Cascadian Farms Oats & Honey Granola, just add in a couple blueberries and some coconut milk and you have a yummy breakfast. They also make an amazing Cinnamon Crunch cereal.

Then you have pizza, no it’s not a poor college kids meal!! I love to cook, but there are days I’m just like no, not today I need something easy. One night I was already showered and not wanting to go anywhere and way to cheap to order pizza. I had pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella, but no more yeast to make crust. So I though I was out of luck, until I noticed that I had sandwich thins. If you aren’t a huge bread person and you hate crust on your sandwiches I’d definitely recommend Arnold Sandwich Thins. So I took apart my sandwich thin, put a spoonful of tomato sauce on each one, a handful of mozzarella and then some garlic salt on each one, threw them in the toaster oven and there you go a pizza. They are so good and take less then 15 minutes!

Even at 23 I still love the foods I did as a kid, they are just a bit modified.