Yep that’s right, clean eating candy. I really wanted a peanut butter cups & while at Target I kept reading all the candies ingredient labels and they all had corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, preservatives, GMOs and bleached sugars.

So I wanted to give up on looking for a peanut butter cups or any kind of Halloween candy that I could have that would be safe for Zoie-Lynne and wouldn’t make me have a stomach ache. So we went wondering around the store to maybe find something else.

Before I moved to Utah I had the chance to try a Un-Real peanut butter cup at Sheetz, I didn’t think I’d get one way out here. I was wrong, they had a big bag of them for the same price as a bag or Reeses. I scored!!! The peanut butter isn’t sandy like Reeses for some reason has started to be, but really creamy.

If you are interested in clean candy check out the UnReal brand.