Growing up all my meals were made at home, we barley ate out and when we did it was a family restaurants in our town, occasionally Hoss’s. My grandparents had a garden of veggies & fruit. What we didn’t get there we bought a the farmers market. We pretty much only ate deer, occasionally chicken and steak.

So I never really ate processed foods, never anything out of a box, I can’t really remember eating fast food & I’ve always disliked deep fries foods because I get sick.

As I went off to college I started eating things out of boxes, eating out more & leaving my healthy road behind. I started gaining weight, I always felt sick & I just wanted to sleep.

Then slowly I started getting back to making my own food, stopped eating out, especially since I was sick of getting sick after & cut out soda. Back to the way my mom and gram had always made my food, when I remember being healthy. I stopped having horrible stomach aches, my heartburn has got a lot better, my migraines have been non existent and I no longer get really sick.

I’ve never really eaten hormone injected animals, since we always got our meat at a local butcher where we could see the animals. About the only time I do is when I go out to eat & I get sick after.

I didn’t know this until a couple months ago that had a name, clean eating. Which consist of no GMO, processed, dyed, hormone injected food intake.

I recently have started James on the same food habit. Before we meet he ate out all the time, ever since he was younger. I started him with a water detox, then a juice detox and then he just started eating like me. Also, we cut out restaurants. Which hasn’t been easy, more to follow.

For me I’ve pretty much only know that lifestyle of eating, so going back to it was easy. But to take someone who’s never known that lifestyle, well it hasn’t been the easiest. His body is try to clean itself out, restart itself if you will. His body has now started rejecting everything and I mean everything that isn’t clean. Hours, sometimes days of just being miserable and sick.

He started the lifestyle change the end of last month. To go from a complete cut off of every hormone, GMO, processed & food wasn’t easy. It was hard, especially for his body. When you have something for so long and you just deprive it, it starts making you feel different. Lots of sweating out toxins, tons of bathroom trips, stomach aches and severe grouchiness. It wasn’t pretty and he’s still going thru it. But he’s feeling better and the worst part is over.

The worst part is when we’re lazy or out, we’ve slipped three times and it hasn’t been good for either of us. There isn’t many clean eating places, we have Chipotle and Whole Foods. So we’ve ate at Buffalo Wild Wings &
SmashBurger, not wise on our end. We’re both miserable, fight for the bathroom & feel like death. With every time asking each other why we do it.

We both have decided not to eat out anymore after last nights experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. If we want to we can choose between two places that don’t kill us & be completely fine.

I’d recommend the lifestyle switch, for us it’s been great. But you have to stick to it or you feel like DEATH.