While in college I volunteered so much. Scheduling events & fundraisers to raise money for charities, going to events to help that benefited charities, etc.

Since I’ve moved to Utah I have done any of that. I still donate all my unused items, donate a couple dollars to charity here and there, but nothing crazy.

When I was in college it was so easy, I had a whole school at my disposal for help, a title Student Government President. Then I joined the York Jaycees, with the ability to help so many families. Like taking kids shopping for Christmas.

I’ve looked into volunteering while living in Utah, there hasn’t been anything. While in college I did non-profit design work to help charities promote events, I think I might start doing that again. Even though it’s really small it’s something. At least until I can find someway to get back into helping again.

So if anyone knows any charities, actual charities, who need design work send them to me. TSetzlerDesigns.com.