It’s becoming that time of year where everyone is hiring for part-time seasonal help.

It’s like everywhere you look online, walking thru the mall or your out you just see signs plastered everywhere for part-time help for the holidays. Why not work 10-15 hours a week somewhere if you don’t have anything else to do? I know for me I work 8:30-5pm Monday – Friday, at night and on the weekends I don’t really have much else to do. I clean a lot, laundry, we go out here and there, but I mostly sit around the house and do nothing. So why not go out and look for a part-time job?

Today while I was wondering thru the mall I ended up at Victoria Secret, I had a coupon for free Cheeksters. I’m was joking and I said to James “I would love to work here, I’d get a discount”. The girl behind the counter actually looked at me and said “we actually are hiring for part-time seasonal help, do you want an application?”. I was like yea sure why not? What could it hurt, working a couple hours here or there. Pick-up some money actually for the holiday season. At least I would be doing something productive with my free time.

So I think I might actually apply for some other part-time jobs. I’ve always wanted to try my hand in retail and see what it’s like, maybe meet some new people with similar interests. I know I don’t want to work anywhere with food, because well I don’t want to smell that all day or be around it. So we will see, I’m okay working for $8.00, it’s better then sitting at home doing nothing and not getting paid.

So if anyones looking for a job right now, remember seasonal part-time is an option. Yea it’s only a couple months and it’s only a couple bucks, but at least its something and it’s money. Also think of it this way, it’s experience, just saying.