You go to college, graduate & you get the good job. But then reality sets in, you are broke!!

In reality after college even with a great job you can’t live on your own, you need a roommate or to move back in with your family. School bills & normal bills are crippling, on top your crazy tax dollars.

I went to college and received my associates degree and then I went back to receive my bachelors degree from the Art Institute of York – Pennsylvania. Both of my degrees we’re in web design, a grown business. So finding a job wasn’t hard & a job with great pay was pretty easy, I make more then a lot of people I know.

But making more isn’t always the best. The government has to have their hand in my money, since you know they need to pay for their war, pay for people to have five kids to sit at home. So by the time you receive your pay check you’re about $150-200 out on cash. Then you have your medical, because we live in the country of America where you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a tooth out or make sure your fine so you don’t end up with some crazy disease and die. So by the end of the month you’re out a couple hundred dollars thanks to Uncle Sam.

Oh and don’t forget you have other bills to pay rent, electric, sewer, water, garbage, gas, Internet, cell phones, etc. So you have shelter & the ability to live in that shelter. Then don’t forget they like to tax you an arm and a leg. Oh and even if you don’t use the services or you only use a tiny bit you still have to pay the service. For us our electric bill, no matter if we’re never in the house and don’t use the electric the bill is $15 to have the service on. Thanks for ripping me off.

Then don’t forget about those great old school bills. I have three different school loans I have to pay. One I have to pay every week which is $110. Then I have a $145 that is to kick in soon and then one more that will start after Christmas. What joys right. I go to college, because without a college degree what job will I get?? Flipping burgers at McDonalds for $7.25 an hour. Not saying their is anything wrong with working fast food, but everyone knows you can’t live off of that.

Many people I know, like me, work full time jobs and have roommates and still only have $20-30 at the end of the week. You’re to stimulate the economy by buying items & buying houses. What makes anyone think that will taxes, school loans, car loans & bills anyone can add to that.

But people do, they max out credit cards & take out more loans they can’t afford and end up going bankrupt. Then people wonder why there are so many homeless people and hungry people lining up at food banks.

Then on top of that how are you to buy healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits, when a McDonalds hamburger is $1 and a head of broccoli for one is $3. Because that make so much sense!!! Then everyone gets diabetes and can’t walk, ending up on government assistance and our taxes get jacked again.

It’s a viscous cycle of just being broke at the end of the day to pay for everyone else. Oh America thanks for crapping on everyone.