I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3. I remember when notes weren’t a thing, iCloud wasn’t heard of & landscape wasn’t even a thing.

Today iOS7 was released and so far I’ve liked the new flat designs & white keyboard. There are some really cool things and some things I’m wishing we had back.

The control center is something I’m seriously loving!! How do you access this, pull up from the bottom. I love the flashlight option, now I can delete that dumb app that had a million adds. Also, I can just turn wifi on and off from their instead of opening settings and some other stuff check it out.

I can nod search from anywhere just go to the center of the screen and pull down. What I don’t like is that I don’t have the option to then search safari or Wikipedia, just my iPhone. Still neat.

The notification center is fine, annoyed that I can’t see the weeks weather, just that day and there isn’t any images. Also, I can tweet or facebook, I have to now tell Siri or open Facebook or twitter. Kinda wish they’d bring it back. I do like the summaries though a very cool idea.

Also, the automatic update of apps seriously saves me time and I don’t have to go in and do it. Also, if you see a blue dot next to your app it’s because it’s been updated. I kept wondering what it was and finally I found my answer.

I do like the fact that the weather and maps are in real time now. The weather is also animated & if it’s raining it rains their, pretty neat. Also the app turns grey if it’s night and white if it’s the day, pretty nice. Still dislike that I can’t do satellite when getting directions.

Not a fan of the moving backgrounds, they are just circles in different colors. What about real time weather or something, they have live wallpapers on the android, just saying.

The folders I always thought we’re amazingly, in a very organized person. The new update that you can have many pages inside your folders are great so I don’t need as many now.

The Photobooth effect you can now do with taking pictures is pretty neat. I also love how now you can see all the pictures you’ve taken in a town or by the year. It’s very neat. Another awesome feature, airdrop for the images. It saves me a lot of time when I take a picture and I just want to quickly add it to my Mac or with my friends.

Time stamp in messages, love it. There has been so many times I wanted to know what time I sent something & it doesn’t show. Now you just pull to the right and you can see it. Which is nice, I don’t always need to see what time I sent things. I also love the flat design in the messaging, the gradients were a bit a annoying and overrated.

The animations are nice, sometimes a bit much but still nice.

I’ll be excited to see keychain & it works.

I’m still messing around & so far really living iOS7, I’m sure I’ll find some more neat and amazing stuff. For some cool tips and tricks check out this article: 90 iOS7 Tips and Tricks, it’s pretty helpful.