Amazon, I love you!! The most amazing place to buy items, trade items in and I seriously love Amazon Prime.

But every time I’ve ever had an issue I’ve had to go thru multiple people to have my issue resolved. I don’t know if you think that if you give horrible customer service that people won’t keep trying.

When I first moved to Utah I had ordered an item and I had forgot to change my address. Not even 15 minutes later I realized that I had sent it to my old apartment back in Pennsylvania. My first thought is to get on chat with them, I seriously hate talking on the phone. I explained the situation to the lady and she pretty much told me I was out of the product and they she couldn’t change the address. I was furious, seeing how the item was a gift and cost me $40, yes it was my mistake, but I caught the issue within the same day, actually the same hour. So I tried another online chat and I explained to them the same issue. They had told me that the item had already been shipped and they couldn’t stop the item, but they could give me another one. But someone I was cut off and I was getting really annoyed, so I did what I hated and called Amazon. This person told me the same thing the first person had said and I asked to be transferred to their manager. I don’t understand how one person says one thing and then another another thing when you work in the same company! So finally was transferred and the manager was very helpful. The item was finally canceled and I was credited the money back. Apparently the item was shipped and they had no more, so I couldn’t re-order the item. Which after about three hours I understand how it was shipped, Amazon is pretty fast, which I love.

My newest issue I have had is with trade-ins. I have a lot of old stuff from college and since James and I moved in together we have a lot of doubles. So we turn to Amazon to trade all the stuff in and then we just buy things for the house. One of my trade-ins were sent back from UPS, the label was damaged. So I asked Amazon if they could give me a new label, because apparently I had used one that I would have had to pay for. The lady said she couldn’t give me a new shipping label and that I would have to cancel the order and then re-submit the trade-in. I seriously didn’t want to fight with her or deal with anymore Amazon employes. So I canceled the order & went to re-submit the order. Well apparently Amazon decided to go down and I couldn’t re-submit. Today when I got home from work I decided to re-submit the order and apparently yesterday I canceled the wrong order. I canceled an order that was already shipped and almost there. So I went back to Amazon and chat to ask them if they could please un-cancel the order. No apparently they can’t, even though I gave them my information, so it’s not like I”m someone else, I verified the account. I apparently have to wait for the item to come back and then re-submit it.I love Amazon, so many deals and our stuff gets here so quick. But it’s getting to the point I don’t think I want to keep using Amazon. It’s becoming more of a hassle because apparently they can’t help you, even though they are customer support. What is the point in having Customer Support if you can’t ever help anyone? Just a thought.