This past Sunday I had my first experience at a SmashBurger. Everyone has told me that they are amazing and we just had to try them. So Sunday while we were out doing errands we decided to stop and try it out. Let’s just say one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had!!

We walk in and there was about a 10-15 minute wait because the place was a bit packed, which was fine. I order a Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger with: Spicy Chipotle, BBQ, Mayo & Fresh Jalapeños. A couple minutes later I decided I wanted fries so I go back up and I had the guy add fries to my order. I also understand that it was a Sunday and people don’t want to work or you might have problems in your life, but you are dealing with the public, don’t make me feel like I’m bothering you!!

First lets say the place wasn’t very clean, a broom and a wash rag could have helped the place. All the tables needed was wiped down, so many crumbs and leftover goo. I understand other people leave messes and don’t clean up, but when no one is ordering why can’t someone just walk around and clean up the tables? The women’s bathroom was out of paper towels and needed the trash to be taken out.

Then we received our food lets start with the fact the burger was only about 1/4 inches thick. I paid 5.99 for a burger that was the size of a McDonalds burger, come on. The name “Truffle Mushroom” was in the title of my burger, so why did I only get mushrooms on one side of my burger and maybe about 4 or 5 slivers. Mushroom is in the title, I think I should receive some mushrooms, just a thought. Then my jalapeños, I get they were an add on item, but to receive three tiny jalapeños the size of a dime was a bit depressing.

Then lets finish with the fries!! When the guy gave us our order I asked him for some BBQ sauce, he said “yea sure let me go get you some”, he never came back. If I had to pay or it wasn’t an option then he could have said something instead of just never coming back and it wasn’t like the place was busy!! Also, so they serve their fries in a wire basket with that waxy paper and then a metal serving dish. All fine and dandy, until I pick up my fry dish to put my fries in my bag to go and it’s caked in mustard underneath. Neither James nor I ordered mustard, we don’t like it. So either SmashBurger likes to re-use wax paper to save money or the server got mustard on the paper and just left it there, either way disappointed.

Not the best experience. If I want a burger and fries form now on I will be going to 5 Guys Burger and Fries. Where I know I get what I pay for, my food is AMAZING and the staff is always friendly. This is what we get for trying some place new.

Also, if you are wondering if I filled out the survey at the bottom of my receipt, yes I did. Will they get back to me, probably not after the service we had.